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Transition Services

HCE's Transition Services are designed to help high school students with disabilities secure and sustain employment in their own communities. They rely on strong partnerships with the business community. The results are fantastic: 95% of the program's graduates moving on to job placement, post secondary education and other employment service providers. We offer several programs that can customized to meet an individual student’s needs.

The Working for Independence Now (WIN) program
is a 5 year program in which students participate in half-day work programs at businesses within the community. During the first year, students take part in career preparation activities. In the next four years, students are placed at work sites where they learn about specific jobs in specific industries. They rotate through departments and are mentored by a professional counselor. When they complete the program they move into employment, further job training, or post secondary education.

The ACCESS Program provides a strong alliance among students, faculty, administration and the community, all of which work together to provide students with opportunities for community involvement. It is designed to integrate academic learning with real-life experience. The ACCESS program takes the subjects students normally study in school and adds information about people, jobs, and their community. As part of the program students earn academic credit and explore the real dimensions of different types of careers.

Vocational Assessment Program . HCE's Vocational Assessment Program offers tools to assess students' interests, preferences, aptitudes and capabilities. These go into a vocational assessment report which is used as a base for transition planning. It is critical that students, their parents and child-study teams have comprehensive and thorough information about each student. Local school districts often refer students to HCE for vocational assessments. 

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