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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Vocational Rehabilitation ServicesVocational Evaluation

Short-term assessment of individual abilities, preferences and support needs is provided using a wide range of formal assessment tools as well as actual work experience. Recommendations for additional services are made by a vocational evaluator and counselor at the end of this program. 

Work Adjustment Training 

This 45 to 90 day transitional program is designed to assist individuals to develop work skills for today's job market with a focus on strengths, preferences and supports in areas identified for concentrated attention.

Extended Employment 

Ongoing work experiences are available for those individuals who would prefer a longer period in which to develop employment readiness. While participating in this program, individuals may work in several of the social enterprise businesses offered by HCE at various business sites throughout New Jersey.  Our enterprise businesses include Document Scanning, Document Shredding and Destruction, Building Management, and Packaging and Fulfillment.

Individual and Group Counseling 

Vocational counseling is provided by highly-qualified professionals in both individual and small group settings. Each individual is assisted by a counselor for the duration of his/her program.

"Community Access Program" 

Small groups of individuals tour businesses and recreational facilities in the Hudson County area to explore the job tasks involved in various occupations in order to make informed, realistic decisions regarding career goals. This ongoing program is offered to all individuals who receive services. Our programs are accredited by CARF, The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission. Our organization has consistently been awarded their highest level of accreditation (three years) since 1885. 

Job Placement 

A full range of service options are available for employment in the community. Job development, job coaching and follow-along services are provided based on individual needs. Accommodations and job support are provided as necessary.

Contact : Christine Remler, Director of Vocational  Services, at (201) 432-5959, ext. 200 or at

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